Conservation & Animal Social Science


By investigating human experiences, values, and perceptions we hope to better understand the complex relationships between nature, animals, and people. We aim to contribute to positive outcomes for all.

Our group conducts social science research with a strong emphasis on human-animal relationships and conservation. We investigate human perceptions and behaviours related to a range of environments, from wild to urban, and across diverse taxa including invertebrates, native and non-native species, and domesticated animals. Our broad research themes cover human contact, conflict, coexistence, entanglement, and compassion with animals and nature.

Our researchers have expertise in social science, psychology, ecology, geography, nature recreation experiences, and critical animal studies.

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Our Team

Dr. William T. Borrie

Associate Professor

Dr Adam P.A. Cardilini

Lecturer in Environmental Science

Dr Kelly Miller

Associate Professor

Dr. Alexa Hayley

Lecturer in Psychology

Dr Elodie C.M. Camprasse

Postdoctoral Researcher

Research Students

Meghan Shaw

PhD Candidate

Tyler King

PhD Candidate

Nyree Raabe

PhD Candidate
Anja Thomsen and Shadow

Anja Thomsen

PhD candidate

Davita Coronel

PhD candidate

Past Team Members


Masters Student

Melissa Zeven

Honours Student (Environmental Science)

Madeline Marshall

Honours Student